Welcome to the new JDS Worldwide website!

Welcome to the new JDS Worldwide website!

Welcome to the new JDS Worldwide website! Welcome to the new JDS Worldwide website! Welcome to the new JDS Worldwide website!


We have an all new New Products Section, as well as better ways to get our  catalog information in your hands. Be sure to check out the whole site and let us know what you think by contacting us or by joining the conversation on Facebook!

Our Brands


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Our Auto CONTROL product Lines


View the various product lines we manufacture and supply in our CONTROL brand as also private package for  the Automotive Aftermarekt Industry.

The Best Degreaser Manufacture


Manufacturing since 1996 the origional and best Purple Tuff Degreaser. Now looking for and ready to name new direct Authorized distributors

Host of the ATRA EXPO Golf Tournament


This 3rd year as Host of the ATRA Expor Golf Tournament is just another opportunity to win $500 $400 $300 $200 $100 or even a $30,000.00 Hole in one. Are you game?

Host of the Tournament


We are not part of AAPEX or SEMA, but we are the ones that brings the fun to the work and the Charity to the kids of the Ronald McDonald House

About Me

JDS Worldwide Corp. Since 1984


Our founders have had a passion for cars since they were teens. Our unique experiences and love for cars have brought us all together to share our passion. Our group has a collection of rare and vintage cars that we love to show off. We have expanded to include more modern day models as well, making way for the cars that are instant classics!

What We Look For


"I've never seen a car I didn't like" is our motto! Sure, we might have disagreements on the details but all cars pre-1990 are welcome.  We pride ourselves with the diversity our club has to offer. Gear heads to the novices are welcome!

Where To Find Us


We may not have as many cars as Seinfeld or Leno, but, between all of our memebers, we have a diverse exciting collection. You can catch us all at a few local "car nights" per week as well as our monthly meet-ups at designated locations each month.